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You have the right to be heard. 
You have the right to know what's going on in Houston's workplaces.


Obtaining justice at work is not easy or quick, but it is worth fighting for, and the road is as important as the end result!

  • Recover your salary to invest in yourself and in what you and your family need.

  • Get justice for yourself: you are your own best advocate on the path to accessing justice.

  • Prevent this from happening to others!

  • Change workplace culture: workplace abuse is unacceptable! 

  • Learning by doing: prevention tools and responses to situations

  • Empower yourself! Learn about your rights and connect with other workers.


Frequently asked questions and our answers

What is the Worker
Empowerment Clinic?

The Worker Empowerment Clinic provides services related to resolving labor abuse cases.
We strive to offer a holistic service that affirms the dignity and power of our clients. We share useful skills with you, coach you to make decisions on your case, and educate you about broader social systems.

What cases does WEC help with?

We can help with cases related to workplace injustices and labor abuse, including: 

  • Wage theft 

  • Theft of services

  • Discrimination 

  • Sexual harassment and assault in the workplace

  • Injuries and illnesses at the workplace 

  • Labor trafficking  

How does WEC help?

Each case is different, so we offer a variety of services including: 

  • Education and guidance 

  • Case management and accompaniment 

  • Referrals to government agencies, non-profit law firms, and attorneys

  • Rapid response to labor trafficking. 



The Answers You Need

How do we recover wages?

We resolve wage theft cases through education and accompaniment and organize the process in three phases:

  • Know: Understand what is a violation of the law (and what is not) and build the case

  • Defend: Let's try to negotiate while we collect evidence

  • Exercise: Take administrative or legal action

We are not attorneys. Rather, we work with government agencies, a network of legal service providers, and other partners to ensure our clients receive a holistic service approach. 

What are our goals in wage recovery? 

  • Recover your money!

  • Empower you: support you learning and connecting with other workers!

  • Create a network of people who know how to help each other in wage loss cases.

  • Understand the barriers to resolving cases in order to advocate for changing laws in the future.

How do we sustain the Worker Empowerment Clinic?

Your contributions keep us alive. We are a nonprofit organization, and all your donations directly support the work we do to resolve your case and other workers’ cases. 


We have a $20 fixed fee for each phase of resolution, and we ask for a 5-20% donation from what we recover. 



You are the key to success in your case. From attending our workshops to gathering evidence, you will play an active role in achieving justice.


We ask that you attend our Know, Defend, and Exercise Your Rights workshops to get closer to recovering your wages, but also to gain practical skills and knowledge of labor rights. After each workshop, you'll have concrete action items - or homework - to further your case.


You won't be alone in seeking workplace justice. You'll have a team of two advisors, a law school student and a worker leader, walking with you through your case process. Your advisors are your case managers, helping, encouraging, and informing you throughout the length of your case. Your team of advisors is also there to identify barriers along the way and make a plan to help you succeed. Want to become an advisor? See the position description and application here:



Our work relies on your support.


Our shared maintenance fee is $20 per phase or $50 altogether.

We ask for a donation from the wages recovered. 

Phase I: Know Your Rights

  • Workshop on labor rights in Texas (90 minutes)

  • Diagnostic meeting to know if your case has support (30 minutes)

  • Assistance in person or via phone to calculate how much you are owed

  • Public records research about your employer or former employer

Phase II: Defend Your Rights

  • Negotiation workshop and case documentation (90 minutes)

  • Guidance on how to collect and organize evidence

  • Mediation services, including three attempts to call your employer or former employer and one or more mediation conferences (if the employer accepts)

  • Drafting and sending a certified letter with a formal complaint

Phase III: Exercise Your Rights

  • Resolution roads workshop (90 minutes)

  • Preparation and practice of your testimony

  • Completion of paperwork with pertinent agency

  • Other accompaniment depending on the case


If you are an employer who has received a phone call or certified mail from Fe y Justicia Worker Center regarding a wage theft claim, you can find information about how to resolve your claim here.


Wage theft claims can have significant consequences for employers, including sweeping Department of Labor investigations, thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees and damages, and criminal charges that may lead to arrest.


It is Fe y Justicia Worker Center’s practice to resolve wage theft claims through friendly negotiation with employers. We want to make sure you are in compliance with the law and treating your employees fairly, and we are willing to negotiate payment plans in good faith, provide education about wage and hour compliance, and connect you with resources for mediation.


However, we are prepared to take further action against employers who refuse to cooperate with our good-faith efforts. These include but are not limited to referrals to government agencies for full investigations, referrals to private or public interest attorneys for litigation, direct action and public awareness campaigns, and other pathways to resolution. 


If you have an open wage theft claim against you and are ready to submit payment to your employee, you may do so by mailing a check and pay stub to:


[Employee’s Name]

Fe y Justicia Worker Center

1836 Sul Ross St., Ste. 1

Houston, TX 77098


If you have questions about claims and how to resolve them, please call our office line at 713-862-8222, or email our advisor teams at

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