Volunteer Feature: Diana Barrera

Fe y Justicia Worker Center Volunteers


Volunteer Feature: Diana Barrera

My name is Diana Barrera.  I first got involved fighting for worker’s rights under the leadership of my undergrad professor James Walsh in Denver, Colorado. With his knowledge of history he ignited a flame of passion for worker’s rights in my soul and helped me find my raison d'etre.

My primary objective as volunteer at Fe y Justicia Workers Center included both creating new and fortifying existing relationships with women nannies, house-keepers, and home care workers. I visited parks, libraries, small businesses, metro bus stops and routes, and community events. I would visit these locations in order to create new relationships, inform workers of the mission and programs offered to them through both La Colmena and Fe y Justicia Workers Center, and invite them to come empower themselves though participation in La Colmena's activities.

Every day since my arrival to FJWC in August 2014,  I learn a new fact or hear a new testimonial from workers that motivates me to work that much harder to create a ripple of positive changes in the community in order to reach better working conditions and living wage salaries for workers. All workers deserve a living wage, safe working conditions, and dignity. FJWC uses many effective strategies and programs that address the community in order to help the community educate themselves and demand these fundamental principals in their place of work.

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