2014 Annual Newsletter

Fe y Justicia Worker Center 2014 Annual Newsletter

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As we take this opportunity to reflect back over the past year, it’s truly amazing to recall what Fe y Justicia Worker Center has been able to accomplish with your support.  Our worker membership has grown broader to just under 1,000 and deeper through leadership trainings. We developed a proactive worksite inspection and outreach strategy to ensure the Wage Theft Ordinance we fought so hard for is effectively implemented. Domestic workers published and launched their bilingual anthology “We Women, One Woman!” and began uniting their visions for a local campaign to advance protections. And we know each of you were celebrating with us after our tireless marches, protests, and advocacy finally gave President Obama the courage to take executive action on immigration. Together we are making history as low-wage immigrant workers are forging a brighter future for Houston.

Some of our accomplishments however, are not as immediately visible. What makes Fe y Justicia unique among other non-profits is how we do our work – by building power together. That means not just assisting workers to recover wages, but empowering workers like Martin, featured among others in following pages, to become leaders and allow the organization to grow in new ways as a result. Leading together means our Board of Directors represents both community allies and worker members. Leading together also means creating a vision and model for co-leadership among the two of us as Directors. This deeper work creates internal sustainability and ultimately grows the organization’s capacity.

Fe y Justicia is at the forefront of the fight for economic justice and as we finalize our bold plans for 2015, we need your support to make it happen. Please consider making a year-end donation to ensure we leverage and build upon Fe y Justicia’s achievements.


In Peace and Justice,

Laura Perez-Boston and Martha Ojeda

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